These type predicates aim to make type testing in R more consistent. They are wrappers around base::typeof(), so operate at a level beneath S3/S4 etc.

is_list(x, n = NULL)

is_atomic(x, n = NULL)

is_vector(x, n = NULL)

is_integer(x, n = NULL)

is_double(x, n = NULL, finite = NULL)

is_character(x, n = NULL, encoding = NULL)

is_logical(x, n = NULL)

is_raw(x, n = NULL)

is_bytes(x, n = NULL)




Object to be tested.


Expected length of a vector.


Whether all values of the vector are finite. The non-finite values are NA, Inf, -Inf and NaN. Setting this to something other than NULL can be expensive because the whole vector needs to be traversed and checked.


Defunct as of rlang 0.4.0.


Compared to base R functions:

  • The predicates for vectors include the n argument for pattern-matching on the vector length.

  • Unlike is.atomic(), is_atomic() does not return TRUE for NULL.

  • Unlike is.vector(), is_vector() tests if an object is an atomic vector or a list. is.vector checks for the presence of attributes (other than name).

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