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These predicates check for a given type but only return TRUE for bare R objects. Bare objects have no class attributes. For example, a data frame is a list, but not a bare list.


is_bare_list(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_atomic(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_vector(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_double(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_complex(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_integer(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_numeric(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_character(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_logical(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_raw(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_string(x, n = NULL)

is_bare_bytes(x, n = NULL)



Object to be tested.


Expected length of a vector.


  • The predicates for vectors include the n argument for pattern-matching on the vector length.

  • Like is_atomic() and unlike base R is.atomic() for R < 4.4.0, is_bare_atomic() does not return TRUE for NULL. Starting in R 4.4.0, is.atomic(NULL) returns FALSE.

  • Unlike base R is.numeric(), is_bare_double() only returns TRUE for floating point numbers.