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global_entrace() enriches base errors, warnings, and messages with rlang features.

Set global entracing in your RProfile with:



global_entrace(enable = TRUE, class = c("error", "warning", "message"))



Whether to enable or disable global handling.


A character vector of one or several classes of conditions to be entraced.

Inside RMarkdown documents

Call global_entrace() inside an RMarkdown document to cause errors and warnings to be promoted to rlang conditions that include a backtrace. This needs to be done in a separate setup chunk before the first error or warning.

This is useful in conjunction with rlang_backtrace_on_error_report and rlang_backtrace_on_warning_report. To get full entracing in an Rmd document, include this in a setup chunk before the first error or warning is signalled.

```{r setup}
options(rlang_backtrace_on_warning_report = "full")
options(rlang_backtrace_on_error_report = "full")

Under the hood

On R 4.0 and newer, global_entrace() installs a global handler with globalCallingHandlers(). On older R versions, entrace() is set as an option(error = ) handler. The latter method has the disadvantage that only one handler can be set at a time. This means that you need to manually switch between entrace() and other handlers like recover(). Also this causes a conflict with IDE handlers (e.g. in RStudio).