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rlang has several options which may be set globally to control behavior. A brief description of each is given here. If any functions are referenced, refer to their documentation for additional details.

  • rlang_interactive: A logical value used by is_interactive(). This can be set to TRUE to test interactive behavior in unit tests, for example.

  • rlang_backtrace_on_error: A character string which controls whether backtraces are displayed with error messages, and the level of detail they print. See rlang_backtrace_on_error for the possible option values.

  • rlang_trace_format_srcrefs: A logical value used to control whether srcrefs are printed as part of the backtrace.

  • rlang_trace_top_env: An environment which will be treated as the top-level environment when printing traces. See trace_back() for examples.