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These accessors retrieve properties of frames on the call stack. The prefix indicates for which frame a property should be accessed:

  • From the current frame with current_ accessors.

  • From a calling frame with caller_ accessors.

  • From a matching frame with frame_ accessors.

The suffix indicates which property to retrieve:

  • _fn accessors return the function running in the frame.

  • _call accessors return the defused call with which the function running in the frame was invoked.

  • _env accessors return the execution environment of the function running in the frame.





caller_call(n = 1)

caller_fn(n = 1)

caller_env(n = 1)

frame_call(frame = caller_env())

frame_fn(frame = caller_env())



The number of callers to go back.


A frame environment of a currently running function, as returned by caller_env(). NULL is returned if the environment does not exist on the stack.

See also

caller_env() and current_env()