format_error_bullets() takes a character vector and returns a single string (or an empty vector if the input is empty). The elements of the input vector are assembled as a list of bullets, depending on their names:

  • Elements named "i" are bulleted with a blue "info" symbol.

  • Elements named "x" are bulleted with a red "cross" symbol.

  • Unnamed elements are bulleted with a "*" symbol.

This experimental infrastructure is based on the idea that sentences in error messages are best kept short and simple. From this point of view, the best way to present the information is in the cnd_body() method of an error conditon, as a bullet list of simple sentences containing a single clause. The info and cross symbols of the bullets provide hints on how to interpret the bullet relative to the general error issue, which should be supplied as cnd_header().




A named character vector of messages. Elements named as x or i are prefixed with the corresponding bullet.