Locked environments cannot be modified. An important example is namespace environments which are locked by R when loaded in a session. Once an environment is locked it normally cannot be unlocked.

Note that only the environment as a container is locked, not the individual bindings. You can't remove or add a binding but you can still modify the values of existing bindings. See env_binding_lock() for locking individual bindings.





An environment.


The old value of env_is_locked() invisibly.

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# New environments are unlocked by default: env <- env(a = 1) env_is_locked(env)
#> [1] FALSE
# Use env_lock() to lock them: env_lock(env) env_is_locked(env)
#> [1] TRUE
# Now that `env` is locked, it is no longer possible to remove or # add bindings. If run, the following would fail: # env_unbind(env, "a") # env_bind(env, b = 2) # Note that even though the environment as a container is locked, # the individual bindings are still unlocked and can be modified: env$a <- 10