with_abort() promotes conditions as if they were thrown with abort(). These errors embed a backtrace. They are particularly suitable to be set as parent errors (see parent argument of abort()).

with_abort(expr, classes = "error")



An expression run in a context where errors are promoted to rlang errors.


Character vector of condition classes that should be promoted to rlang errors.


with_abort() installs a calling handler for errors and rethrows non-rlang errors with abort(). However, error handlers installed within with_abort() have priority. For this reason, you should use tryCatch() and exiting handlers outside with_abort() rather than inside.


# with_abort() automatically casts simple errors thrown by stop() # to rlang errors. It is is handy for rethrowing low level # errors. The backtraces are then segmented between the low level # and high level contexts. f <- function() g() g <- function() stop("Low level error") high_level <- function() { with_handlers( with_abort(f()), error = ~ abort("High level error", parent = .) ) }