Maturing lifecycle

The rlang package is currently maturing. Unless otherwise stated, this applies to all its exported functions. Maturing functions are susceptible to API changes. Only use these in packages if you're prepared to make changes as the package evolves. See sections below for a list of functions marked as stable.

The documentation pages of retired functions contain life cycle sections that explain the reasons for their retirements.

Stable functions

Stable lifecycle

Experimental functions

Experimental lifecycle

These functions are not yet part of the rlang API. Expect breaking changes.

Questioning stage

Questioning lifecycle

In the questioning stage as of rlang 0.4.0

These functions are likely to be moved to the vctrs package:

In the questioning stage as of rlang 0.3.0

In the questioning stage as of rlang 0.2.0

Soft-deprecated functions and arguments

Soft-deprecated lifecycle

Soft-deprecated in rlang 0.4.0

Deprecated functions and arguments

Deprecated lifecycle

Bumped to deprecated in rlang 0.4.0

Defunct functions and arguments

Defunct lifecycle

Defunct as of rlang 0.4.0

  • length() and names() on tidy eval .data pronouns.

  • Supplying a named !!! call.